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Selling Your Home

We have over twenty years of real estate experience, and have sold thousands of homes-$400 million worth -without a blemish on our licenses. Real Estate is what we live and breathe.

  • We analyze and determine home values in the market every day.

  • We will aggressively market your home not just locally, but on a national level through our professional contacts and affiliations.

  • We are full time professionals, with clients all across the country, in all time zones-we are available 24/7

  • We have many out-of-state clients who need someone to be their "eyes and ears", handle maintenance issues, deal with associations etc. - no problem. 

  • Join our many satified sellers who have made "The Smart Choice" Shouldn't you?

Home Seller Information and Resources

Setting the Sales Price
Learn what affects setting the selling price of your home.

Home Valuation
How much is your home worth in today's market?

Getting the Highest Sales Price
Learn the most important factors.

Curb Appeal Checklist
Use this handy list to help beautify the oustside of your home prior to selling.

Should you paint?
Is it worth the time and money to paint prior to selling?

Improvements That Pay
Learn which improvements provide the greater returns on your dollar.

Be Accessible
Make sure your home is easy to show.